Don’t waste your weekend

This might depend on your definition of ‘waste’ and there's no judgement here. For some, 15 parties lined up in Bondi isn’t a waste. Reading a book all weekend is not a waste. Sleeping all weekend is not a waste. Just make it a choice.

I’m not talking about working at the weekend or ‘achieving’ tasks or goals.

The point is you can plan to relax. Honest!

weekend rainbows

If you’re anything like us. You wake up, faff about a lot – ‘What do you want to do? I dunno, what do you want to do?’ - then it doesn’t really matter because we’ve missed the morning window, it’s toddler nap time and we’re into the afternoon and chores and we’ve missed the rugby now anyway.

So when I say plan, I don’t mean fill your diary with back to back catch ups with Jack, Jill and Aunty Dora. Just fill it, with a balance. Some of these slots will say TV or exercise or book. Some will say beach or brunch. Some will say ‘kick a footy with my son’. Some might say 'lie in because of last night'. Some might say work, and that’s ok too.

You’re much more likely to get to do what you want to do - I mean really want to do - rather than everyone compromising all weekend. Somebody called it 'compromised happiness' and I think it's a perfect description. Nobody is unhappy, it's just a case of coasting along doing things that crop up or you don't mind doing. It’s fine, it’s lovely, but it’s not awesome!

If your partner knows they've got 2 hours to do their thing on Saturday morning and you’ve got your time locked in on Sunday morning – you’re both much more likely to enjoy the other stuff in the middle too. You can enjoy each part of the weekend as you know everything else will get done too, including your fun bit!

Picture the scene. Seriously, picture it in your minds eye...

Monday morning @ the Nespresso machine:

You: “Hey, how was your weekend?”

Colleague#1: “Yeah fine. The bloody milk has run out again. Yours?

You: ‘Actually, it. Was. AWESOME!"

Try it - just start with the mandatory fun bit and take it from there.