How your eulogy should shape your career OR/ 4 signs and a funeral

Have you ever written your own eulogy?

Not in a morbid way, but in a 'when I go, who will come and what will they say' kind of way (you know you've thought about it).

Unfortunately I have had occasion to go to a few funerals recently, and it reminded me of the year I 'had a moment'. A proper if-I-was-a-cartoon-there-would've-been-a-lightbulb moment. Actually, I had a few but this was the first one.

I was at a funeral of a close friends' dad. I didn't know him well, but I went to support her, and listening to his eulogy lit a fire inside me and made me want to take action - because I want mine to be as inspiring.

He had so many friends and family the service was standing room only. He was a GP. It seems like quite a humble role. He tried a career change, but went back to being a GP as he wanted to deal with people, see the people he was helping. People respected him. He was fun to be around. His children loved him. He never said a bad word about his wife. Ever.  And people felt grateful for his help. They felt better for having him in their lives. People actually used to stop his kids in the street and tell them how amazing he was. 

I want that.

I like to think I live in a way that will get me in the short queue at the Pearly Gates, but my career choice?

It was not aligned with my values.

My 15 hour days just bought bigger yachts for 'the man' and trips to Cannes for my clients.

I did volunteer work to try and 'make amends' for my day job.

There was only so much I could do for my team(s) internally, and I was having to deliver messages and decisions I disagreed with.

One day, at last, I decided to make that change.

I wanted - I want - my life and my work to reflect my values.

I only recently realised that it's not everyone's life goal to 'make a difference'. However, everyone wants 'meaning', whatever their definition of that is.

Do you want to do more personal development, more creative, more strategy, more finance (rather you than me), more social club? Have a think about it. Importantly, have a think about how you might be able to scratch that itch where you are now before you start planning to leave microsoft and move to nepal.

Helping people makes me happy.

How could I use the experience I had, stay around the industry I know and love, but get to do more of the 'helping people' part?

I didn't have to change industries, just the part I played in it. And now I get to do that every day.

What's most important to you? Most important to you at work? It can be Empathy, it can be Flexibility, it can be Recognition, it can be Salary. It's a 100% individual choice, there's no right or wrong, and there'll be no judgement from this side of the table.

Try it. Write the eulogy you want, and live your life that way.

Do you want to be remembered for being inspiring, creative, positive, confident, funny, down to earth, honest, smart, successful?

Make it your goal, and live up to these values in every decision you make. It can be your barometer for every choice you make from now on.

As the poster in the shop said (sign #2) "IF YOU'RE WAITING FOR A SIGN, THIS IS IT."

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