From little things, big things grow...kind of.

Actually...I think 'From big things, little things can be identified and actioned, which then help big things grow' -  but I understand why Paul Kelly went with the first version!

I was reading a magazine article recently , which argued that you should forget your big picture goals (too-hard-basket) and concentrate on smaller goals. I understand the sentiment. Smaller goals mean faster wins, means more motivation, means happy days and faster to-do list turnarounds.

My question is, if you don’t know what your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is, how can you identify your smaller goals? 

All these goals, steps, tasks...unless they’re part of a bigger picture – whether that’s more me-time, a promotion, higher salary, more confidence – what are they for? Where are they leading?
Or are they short-term fixes which mean you'll be in the same situation again this time next year?

I strongly believe you should know and understand your BHAG. But define big? Maybe 'big' is the wrong word, makes it seem daunting. Maybe it’s your ‘end goal’, and then you create the steps to achieve it with smaller goals along the way.

At the end of the day it’s terminology. My big goal could seem insignificant to you. Your big goal could have a 13 year timeline, mine could have 3 months.

The point is...

Have goals. They get you places.

But make sure you pick the destination, or you could end up driving around in circles.