TFIM (Thank F*** Its Monday)


A friend invited me along to an entrepreneur-groups' sense-check meetings recently. I was up for meeting the people in the group, but I didn’t want to sense-check them, or have them sense-check me – what was wrong with the work they were doing that they needed someone to sense-check it??

This was a forum for sharing ideas, asking questions, getting opinions, having accountability. There was some sense-checking, but it was about small business owners getting together for our equivalent of a weekly WIP meeting. Great content, bad headline.

So, I made a request – can we call it ‘Motivating Monday Morning Meeting’ instead? Catchy, non? Let's start on a high?

Yes? Yay! Now I want to go and brainstorm with these fabulous women! I’m in.

It got me thinking, what if we could change the way we think about Mondays in general...

Swap our Monday’s and Friday’s (minus the extra red wine(s).

Friday’s fun anyway, can we use our happy triggers to make Monday awesome??

For example, in my world, Monday night became pizza and movie night. At work I'd make sure I had a gym session (let's face it, it'll probably be the only one this week!), allocated time to send out a weekly review of all the awesome stuff we'd achieved last week, and try and get a brainstorm in there somewhere.

What works for you? What would make you look forward to Mondays? 

Lunch with your favourite colleague? Spend the morning doing all your favourite parts of your role? Meet a friend every Monday night? Join that class you’ve been talking about? Watch your favourite TV series? It could even be to work late if that floats your boat. 

But make your Monday a day you really look forward to.

Have a plan of attack, know where your pressure points and your fun points are in advance, get these 'tasks' in your diary (feel free to label them 'VIP meeting' if you have a shared calendar ;), wear your best Friday heels and lead by 'Mondays are Awesome' example!

And (sorry Mr. Tracey) but Eat That Frog on Tuesday morning - Monday is for Motivating tasks  only.

What would make today awesome? Write it down and put it in your diary for next week.

Happy Monday :D