What will your leaving card say about you?

This isn’t the same as your eulogy, or your leaving party. This is, who will bother taking time to write more than 'good luck' when your card is passed round, and what will they say?

Do you know? Think about it now and write down what you think their parting words might be.

Then write down what you want them to say.

Did everyone write in it? Your team, your boss, the cleaner, or just your work mates?

What’s your legacy? To be inspirational, fun, tough, fair?

I want to help people develop. That’s my thing. I can do the account management, clients, finance etc etc, but the people bit is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I’d never really thought about that too specifically until I got a leaving card a few years ago. Every single message said 'Thank you for...'

I realised that’s what I would’ve wanted if I’d done this exercise myself. I knew I always tried to help people develop, and that was part of my role by design.

But I was never sure how much my teams knew that, or knew what I did behind the scenes or understood sometimes I had to be blunt to be kind and show a little tough love.

But, it turns out, they did. The introverts and the extroverts. And it felt awesome. 

Figure out what you want yours to say, and start influencing that today.

Live your legacy.

Source: http://www.elbowroomcoaching.com