Is the grass always greener?

Now I’m not going to wind Beiber up by being too sarcastic, as I’m pretty sure he reads my blog and he seems to be turning into quite an angry little fella.
But I was listening to some background boppiness on the school run the other day and heard the line ‘The Grass is not greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it” (please don’t ask me to quote the song, I honestly have no idea what it was)
But I love that quote for so many reasons.

  1. Because I knew I was about to use a Justin Beiber quote in a blog and if I was you I would be taking the p*** out of me for it mercilessly
  2. It’s so true!

One of the things I work with people on, well, the main first step is Focus.
Dreams are awesome, and I agree that the easiest thing to do is often to jump ship and try somewhere new. But, are you absolutely sure that if you really ‘watered’ the place you’re at, or the role you’re in, or the career path you’re on…that it wouldn’t be the right one?
If you could talk to the devil’s advocate or some kind of annoying truth-sayer, would they agree that you had really given this role your best shot?
If there were no roadblocks in your way, is there a role you could be in in 12 months that you would really want?
Every time you think about those roadblocks (as you will) just ask yourself ‘what if’ – ‘what if she said yes instead of no’, ‘what if I could get X onside’, ‘what if I could move roles internally’, ‘what if I could change the relationship with x’…
There are often a lot of things holding us back from actively pursuing the career we’re in – particularly if you’ve been there for a long time and have got into the ‘it’s always done this way’ mindset. What if it wasn’t? What if it was just that nobody had asked the right question yet?
Picture the scene – in 12 months what would have to have happened for you to feel really happy in your career?
If you had the right support, tools and strategies could that role exist where you are now?
If not, and it’s time to move on, what can you do in the role you’re in to help your company, your team, yourself grow before you move?
Even if you’re not thinking about moving on, most people could actively do a bit more watering on this side of the fence I’m sure.
If it’s barren land, or you’ve lost your fingernails trying to dig in, then leave – you deserve better.
But if not, give it a go and see what happens.
Never Say Never.
Too much? What do you mean?
Ok ‘Sorry’ ;))