Don't Wait

It's the time of year when we start looking at what we've achieved, and what we want to achieve in 2017.

It's also the party, christmas, holidays and summer season. All of which make it very easy to put everything on hold until 'we come back in January'.

I'm all for enjoying your down time (and having lots of it!), but did you realise when we 'come back to work' and get back into it is almost 2 months away?

It's not that things will be quiet for most of us, but that they'll be even busier than usual!

But my advice would be that if you're thinking about a change, a move or even just spending some time thinking and researching...don't put it off. And don't plan to do it all in your christmas break, only the most self-motivated of us will do that.

I read my blog from this time last year, and still feel passionately about this mantra today.

"We spent a year organising tickets to the UK to watch the Rugby World Cup (in 2015).  But a few days before the Final my mum fell ill, really ill. We didn’t see it coming but it was serious enough that after all the planning we sold our tickets to the game. Now we’re here with mum and I barely know the score.

I had a hard time deciding whether ‘blogging’ was appropriate under the circumstances. And to be honest have not had the time or the headspace to put pen to paper. But a lot of things have become clearer to me over the last two weeks in the care of the dear old NHS.

Firstly, you never know what’s going to happen. Even tomorrow. Don’t wait for stuff. If you know what you want, go after it.

I’m not saying quit your job today and start an interpretative dance class. Be conscious of your responsibilities, but not shackled by them.

Don’t wait until ‘after reviews’, or ‘after Christmas’, or even, ‘on Monday’ (my favourite new-exercise-regime day). Figure out what you want, figure out a plan and then start. It doesn’t have to be a big life-changing plan.

Just do one thing today.

If you want to change careers, do 20 minutes mind mapping on the commute home. If you want to change companies, do some LinkedIn and Glassdoor research today. If you just know you want out, carve out 20 minutes a day to figure out why. What do you want out of your next job, agency, or career - so you can make sure you’re running towards something rather than away.

And if something happens to get in your way, that’s ok.

It's not a full stop. It's either a necessity, a thought starter or a distraction.

You decide which one, how you’re going to deal with it, and when and who can help.

Don’t let it be a reason to stop you in your tracks.

If you know your end goal, what you want, then your plan can be constantly adapting to your circumstances but the end goal remains the same and stays in sight.

Whether it’s a house by the beach, more me-time, a promotion, just some clarity and focus rather than coasting through on autopilot – there’s always something that can be done today to get you started on your journey.

Don’t look at one step as part of a HUGE transition and a NEW step into the BIG wide world…it’s overwhelming. All you need to decide right now is what the first step could be, and do that."


So, what will you do before you switch off tonight?