Do you want to look backwards or forwards?

How do you feel when someone asks "Have you done your review yet?"

My mantra this month as agencies come up to their mid-year reviews is to change people's perception of this 'process'. This is a huge opportunity for individuals. It should be a positive experience for everyone, not something that drags on for months or gets forgotten completely.

This is your chance to shine, show off, get help finding a career goal and making a plan, and then getting the right people on board to help you get there!

I want people  (individuals and management) to start talking about this process as ‘Career Development Planning’ instead of ‘Performance Reviews’.

I've done a fews talks at creative agencies about this recently. It's amazing when you pitch that change, how you can see it ticking through people's heads and resting with a big smile and an 'Ohhh yeahhhh" moment.

Such a simple change in terminology can make a massive difference.

A Performamce Review isreview of the work someone has already done. It’s foscussed on the past. At best it's a list of achievements with a pat on the back at the end,  or on the other end of the scale can create a feeling of judgement, justification and defensiveness. 

 A Career Development Plan is future focused. It's collaborative. It's a roadmap to your career goal.

 Just sit with that for aminute.

Imagine you’re writing a Performance Review....yours or someone else's....

And now imagine your’re writing a Career Development Plan.... 

Didn't you immediately feel differently about how you approach them, your state of mind, your focus, what you'll be writing about?

 A CDP can be the same process as your usual 'Review', it's a state of mind. You still use SMART goals. It puts a bit of pressure on the employee and employer to think about the next 12 months, rather than focus on ‘what you’ve done well and what you’ve done badly’ (however they phrase the latter).

 #1 most common fail: 

How many times have you said or heard, "Oh yeah the reviews all done, we just have to do the goals bit"

 That’s the most important bit!!

If your manager doesn’t think so, it doesn't matter, you should.

And if your line manager isn't taking it seriously, ask someone who will - it's your career.

If you don’ t know where you’re going or what you have to do, what are you going to use in your next promotion or pay discussion? Are you just going to coast through until next year and hope you’ll get a pay rise for turning up?

From the day after your CDP, you want your boss, and their boss, picturing you in your next position, in the next 12 months - not focussing on what's already been and gone.

If you all know where you’re going, it’s a lot easier to know what goals to kick and who to get on your team.

Take control this year of your own career - and at least in your head, if not 'officially', remember it's a CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN.

If I can help with getting the most out of your review, or initiating this process change at your agency,  just contact Kate @ 0406 779227 or

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