Do you want More FOCUS, More Recognition AND MORE RESULTS for your Achievements?

Elbow Room is about creating the space for you to think about your goals in your professional capacity, with your work/life balance always front of mind.

Most of us know what needs to be done, but some clarity and accountability is often the helping hand we need to create action.

Each person is unique, but we are currently coaching through scenario's such as:

  • Managing changing roles, teams and leaders.
  • Identifying, asking for and getting the role you want.
  • Understanding changes in your priorities and how to shift your focus.
  • Planning and goal setting pre-, during and after maternity leave.
  • Helping to  get back on top of balancing work/life (aka. work, home, kids, partner, friends, me-time…)

There are limitless options for these scenario's and Kate has coached others through, and experienced herself, many of them.

A study by the International Coach Federation “Survey of Coaching Clients” showed that clients most attributed the benefits below to Coaching:

  • Higher self-awareness (68%)
  • A more balanced life (61%)
  • Smarter goal-setting (62%)
  • Lower stress levels (57%)
  • Greater self-confidence (52%)
  • 70% of clients said their investment in a coach was VERY valuable.

We can help you manage uncertainty, change, growth and development.

We help you focus, set goals, and stick to them