When developing a better understanding of how to improve the performance and effectiveness of individuals, teams and organizations, a thorough understanding of their natural behavior, communication and work styles will clearly be advantageous.

Below is a selection of tools used to create a complete platform for performance improvement programs for all organizational development issues, be it for employee management, team work and team building, leadership building



How to be recognised as a High Performer without breaking down or sucking up

Are you feeling Burnt Out,  Stressed, Unhappy, Directionless? Like someone else is in control of your work, your value and your career? 

Would you rather feel Focussed, Effective, Valued, Inspired?

You can either just keep doing what you’re doing, burn out and never figure out what you really want to do. Or you can create a plan to make your career work for you, to your advantage and become known to your peers and leaders as a High Performer

During the High Performance Program we will work together on:

  • Creating a clear PLAN
  • Ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your talents, skills and strengths and know how to use them (including eDISC profiling)
  • Creating a personal brand and professional profile that showcases you and your talents –PROFILE (including SocialCheck analysis)
  • Tools and Techniques to ensure you are working 100% at the right time, not 110% all the time - PRODUCTIVITY
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Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is designed to provide information that makes an impact, is actionable and, most importantly, has a positive impact on performance.

During the session, you will:

  • Enhance your awareness of your own behavioural style.
  • Explore what changes you can most easily make and project the outcomes of those changes.
  • Understand the natural behavioural style for use as a foundation stone for future objectives and strategies to achieve them.
  • Explore how well aligned your natural behaviour is to the expectations of your role, team, peers or the organisation.
  • Clearly discuss your behaviour in the work environment and establish how the behaviour fits with the team, colleague, manager, and job position.
  • Clearly view you and your organisation “fit” and reveal how you may change behavioural traits in order to achieve your objectives.
  • Gain an understanding of how your behaviour impacts those around him/her to begin to consider areas that may be appropriate for you to develop.
  • Gain an understanding of how your behaviour impacts your environment, col-leagues and job performance.

Length: 1/2 Day


Managing Maternity Communications for peak performance

In an ever-increasing demand for structure around Maternity Leave, this Program has been designed to turn Maternity Leave into Maternity Break. To ensure the process is handled in a way that allows women and their teams to transition smoothly between each stage.

We help women to plan and effectively manage the lead up to maternity leave and to consider topics such as communication whilst on leave and ideal working patterns on their return.

The aim is to create a structure to facilitate clear communication and a smooth transition to give mothers everything they need to go on leave with a clear return-to-work strategy which is understood and championed by everyone involved.

This Program delivers:

  • Understanding the goals of staff member, manager(s) and team(s)
  • Support to ensure full productivity on the lead up to maternity leave
  • Ensuring a faster return to full productivity on return
  • Clear strategies and communication around the maternity leave period, return dates and roles
  • Increased focus and organisation from your staff member(s)
  • Improved morale encouraging faster return to work
  • Improved morale across wider team – understanding, value and clarity
  • Opportunity to set goals for Pre-leave, Pre-return, Post-return
  • An Employer of Choice brand initiative to attract the best talent in the industry
  • Clear strategies and communication based upon your business goals.

Length: Ongoing over 12 Months