Personal Work Profile


Personal Work Profile

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extendedDISC is not just another Profiling tool.

It doesn't matter if you've done MyersBriggs, HBDI, or even DISC before - you haven't done this one.

eDISC is like these tools on steroids.

It can't be fooled!

It knows if you're stressed, under pressure, frustrated or just uncertain about your role.

Most importantly , it's geared towards your workplace behaviours, and gives you pages of tips and tools on how to enhance your positives and address your challenges.

For this New Year offer, I will also include Worksheets to allow you to work through the findings aswell as prompts on improving your performance and identifying other styles within your team.

Find out about your:

·       Attributes

·       Motivators

·       What you are avoiding

·       Your ideal leader

·       Decision Making

·       Communication Styles

There's a reason that I only recommend extendedDISC, find out why for yourself.

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Complete the questionnaire with your current role in mind. There are no “right” or “wrong”, nor “good” or “bad” answers.

Please take care to enter your name in the correct order.
Answer the questions in order.
Answer the question as you see yourself – not as you wish to be seen.

Do not return to a previously answered question.

Always answer both components (what describes you the best and the least) before moving to the next question.

Do not ponder the questions too much. Answering the whole questionnaire should take only 7 to 10 minutes. Select the answer that first feels right.

Complete the questionnaire without interruptions. Do not do something else or talk with someone during the process.

Complete the questionnaire quickly, but not hastily.

Do not attempt to influence the results; you will only confuse yourself and invalidate the results.

Remember - Extended DISC® Personal Analysis:

·       Describes the person's natural reaction mode or behavioural style in different situations

·       Is a behavioral inventory based on self-evaluation

·       Measures natural behavioral styles

·       Does not classify people into good or bad

·       Does not limit a person's ability to develop in another direction or work environment

·       Does not give high or low scores or in any other way classify people into better or worse

  • Does not measure intelligence, professional skills, or attitudes