Support the women in your workforce

Elbow Room empowers your staff with:

  • Strategies to achieve their highest potential

  • Opportunities for their development or improvement

  • Techniques for writing SMART goals

  • Tools to create a plan to achieve those goals

  • Personal accountability for achieving these goals

  • Identified learning and behavioural patterns

  • Advanced influencing and negotiation skills

  • Improved resilience

  • Awareness and improvement of Emotional Intelligence

  • The confidence to work more autonomously.



Retain your key women.
Turn ‘maternity leave’ into ‘maternity break’

Elbow Room will create a structure to facilitate clear communication and a smooth transition, by:

  • Understanding the goals of staff member, manager(s) and team(s)

  • Support to ensure full productivity on the lead up to maternity leave

  • Ensuring a faster return to full productivity on return

  • Clear strategies and communication around the maternity leave period, return dates and roles

  • Increased focus and organisation from your staff member(s)

  • Improved morale encouraging faster return to work

  • Improved morale across wider team – understanding, value and clarity

  • Opportunity to set goals for Pre-leave, Pre-return, Post-return

  • An Employer of Choice brand initiative to attract the best talent in the industry

  • Clear strategies and communication based upon your business goals.


Hire the right talent

Don’t rely on HR to understand the role you’re hiring for, or a team with no training to recruit your next workforce.

Elbow Room gives your staff the skills needed to hire the best talent, with tools and techniques on:

  • How to adapt a job description for a specific role

  • How to write a job advertisement to attract the right responses and save time reviewing

  • How to ask questions that matter in the interview

  • How to objectively assess and shortlist candidates.


Managing staff redundancies

Redundancies can be necessary, but good brands recognise how to maintain integrity throughout the process.

Elbow Room will give your exiting staff:

  • External and objective support

  • Career-change and job-search tools and techniques

  • Clarity, focus and positivity

  • Ease ill-feeling and reduce risk of legal action

  • Maintain morale of existing employees.