The minute I read your career and mentoring article in the online publication 'Women's Agenda' I knew in a heart beat you would be a fantastic career coach. There was no fear before working with you as your article spoke volumes of who you are and how you can help.

I want a career coach who could help guide me through my own thoughts by helping me create realistic career goals and working in partnership together to achieve these. I achieve my initial career goals with Kate and now working with her on a regular basis to help guide me on my career journey.  

Kate is the perfect career coach - passionate,empathic and helps you keep it 'Real'. Kate is has an ability to take a complex career challenge or issue and help you dissect it and work towards achieve a positive outcome. Kate doesn't need to know your industry, business or job in detail her value is to look beyond this and help you go after your career dreams. I would recommend Kate to anyone who is dreaming big and needs some helping finding the path to make these dreams into reality. 

Microsoft Sales Manager

Kate is without a doubt the 'secret to my success'! And even more importantly, my happiness at work and at home. Kate has been my business coach for six months and has helped me design and implement my professional and personal goals. I'm about to enter my third senior job share arrangement at CommBank, thanks to Kate's expertise in helping me realise my career goals. In addition, I'm running the NY marathon this year - something I would never have considered were it not for Kate's magic words of wisdom. 
I would encourage anyone, but especially working mothers, to spend some time with Kate - she is exceptionally bright, focused and will challenge you to realise the best in your whole self. 
Thank you Kate!

Lucy Foster: Executive Manager - Program Director at Commonwealth Bank

...I found you on LinkedIn and was concerned you may not be who you represented yourself to be (initially only of course). So I subscribed to your newsletter and gave myself time to get-to-know you (virtually at least) , then after a few months I finally I had to courage to email you!! And the rest is history.

Direction and insight were the two main things I was looking for from you Kate and absolutely yes, from the initial phone call I knew you understood my situation and that you weren't gigot to use a 'cookie cutter' approach on me. You took the time to really get to know me.  I feel what I was able to achieve in the last 3/4 months is outstanding! 

Actually people must be sick of hearing me say 'my career coach, Kate said....'!!  I have recommend you to my best friend already! I told her that you were able to see beyond what I was saying I wanted.  That somehow you gently teased out of me the potential I had and gave me the direction and confidence to go out there and try it!  

Madalena Antao: The Digital Weaver

A real professional and connector.   Kate is not there to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself.  She will bring out the best in you and make you the best version of yourself you can be.  Kate makes you realise your potential and provides constructive advice to ensure you stay on track.  You should have lunch with her.

Trish McNamara: GM, People & Culture

Kate is enthusiastic, empathetic and practical. She's a very experienced coach who strikes just the right balance of support and 'push' while providing the tools to help you work out your own pathway. Kate will help you clarify your goals and get more out of your career and your life/work balance. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Madison: Investor Relations Manager at Salmat

I was lucky enough to work with Kate at Octagon. She is a patient and diligent leader who always has time to not only guide and mentor her team but does it in a way that makes you feel as if you've found the answer yourself. She is an extremely smart woman with drive and a passion for other people's development, this is what sets her apart from the rest!

Chloe Brant: Senior Account Manager

Ever heard the expression "You can't see the wood for the trees"? I was in that position until I met Kate and she put the trees in priorities for me and showed me my worth and achievements. My life is back in control! Thanks Kate!  


Kate worked her coaching magic within the first ten minutes of me meeting her for the first time.  I'd struggled with identifying my career goals and balancing these with my goals at home (young children and busy husband!) but I now have clearly defined aims and a clear plan of action to get there.  I wish I'd done this sooner. 


Kate clearly loves her job and she wants you to love your job, too! Kate is enthusiastic, professional and genuinely interested in helping people find their career groove. She offers just the right amount of 'push' to get you thinking - and taking action. 


Congratulations on your Mumbrella column Kate. I look forward to reading it. I enjoy your emails every week. The one about not introducing myself first as a mum really struck home. Thanks for the inspiration. 

Jane, NSW

Love your blogs Kate Savage always inspiring. Thanks

Javier Trueba Co Director of Live to Sing. Singer/Songwriting /Producing

Morning Kate, Just wanted to say I am really enjoying these articles. The one this morning was really appreciated :) Keep it up.


Thanks very much for running the sessions Kate. The management team session was really good.  And it sounded like there was good energy in the room for the lunchtime sesh. Well done. 

Jules Hall, CEO