When developing a better understanding of how to improve the performance and effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations, a thorough understanding of their natural behavior, communication and work styles will clearly be advantageous.



Employees who are self-aware are more likely to maximise their talents, better recognise and manage their challenges, and produce better results.


Self-aware employees also work better with their colleagues, which enhances teamwork at every level and shapes an organisation’s culture. In return, your company experiences higher morale, lower turnover, and greater profits.
The Taking Flight with DISC training program offers a high energy, engaging experience for participants as they learn why they connect with some and disconnect with others.

It's fun to learn, inspirational to experience, easy to remember, and practical to apply. 

[The Taking Flight workshop]...was fantastic. It was interactive, required me to think and challenge myself, step outside my comfort zone.

It is a great workshop which will really raise awareness on how best to work with all personality types. You don’t have to change people to better the workplace but rather adapt. The workshop will teach you best practices and ways to do so.
— Participant @ Spark44


From consulting and design, to training and fun, informative keynote talks at kick off sessions Kate uses her 15 years of industry mentoring and now qualifications in this space to consult on all stages of Mentoring Programs.

Keynote Topics include:

The WHY (why bother, why important, why you - specifically)

The WHO (who are you as mentors and mentees - self awareness, behaviours and ’types')

The HOW (tools and tips)

Invite Kate to talk at your event and your teams will leave informed and inspired!

...Thanks so much for coming in yesterday! Your session was so interesting and very practical.
— Participant @ HavasWW


Successful people are focused. They are productive, not just busy. They concentrate on their main goals and objectives. They don’t get sidetracked. They don’t procrastinate.

In this workshop Kate will take you from being reactive, and giving 110% all the time, to feeling focused, productive and giving 100% at the right time.

We’ll look at the importance of:
• Plan = Focus
• Profile = Recognition
• Productivity and Progress = Results

You’ll come out with insights into how to approach your own career path, and proven tools and techniques to help you work smarter, not harder.

I thought it was a great workshop...a really positive experience.  It really helped that you came from an agency background and you had experience of being a candidate and client.  We didn’t really have to explain much about what we do and when we did bring things up you grasped what we were talking about really quickly.  I’m optimistic that this will make positive improvements to the way that I work...
— Participants @ become recruitment